Pixel Ink Creative Group is a company specializing in website design, hosting and development. Our professional and dynamic team helps companies achieve a high-impact first impression fueled by creative marketing strategies. Our websites are designed to make for an intuitive, enjoyable and welcomed experience.

Custom web design takes knowledge, time, creativity, planning and research. Pixel Ink Creative Group offers this and more. We believe that together, we can deliver the results you need, and help connect you with the people and contacts that you want.


The design process at Pixel Ink has been refined over many years. Some of our practices are natural only to us. Some we learned or they’re the product of influence. Our practices flex to meet the needs of our client or project. Our process remains the same.


We start by getting answers to questions. Much of this information is gleaned from the client but it also includes a good helping of related research. Once we have a complete working knowledge base then we are prepared to really begin.


Sometimes it is deliberation and other times it becomes meditation, but however you say it (weigh, study, wrestle, mull over, kick around) it’s to think. It’s an essential part of the process; by brainstorming solutions we begin to illuminate some conclusions.


As we start to test and explore the project more fully we make some design decisions that will guide us when we begin to create. Colors, layout and other inspired design decisions might get chosen.


We select an approach, begin generating designs and working toward the goals and solutions. It’s where both functional and aesthetic decisions begin to be implemented.


After some building has been established we begin to review and refine our design. Truth be told, refinement and review happens throughout the process but becomes most notable before the next phase.


Whether we are publishing to the web or printing a brochure this is when all the established goals have been met and it’s time to present and look after the design.

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